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Affordable gate installation and repair service to suit any budget size.

Learn how to adjust and maintain wrought iron gates. Below you will find the best tips!

  • Consider getting a keypad for your driveway gate

    The keypad contributes to higher security and greater convenience. If workers need to get in, you can just give them a temporary access code and then change it. Similarly, if you or someone else from your family doesn’t have a remote at hand, it will still be possible to open the gate with the keypad.

  • Photocell adjusting and cleaning

    The photocells can become dirty and cease to function. Most often, a micro fiber cloth can be used to gently wipe off the surface of the lens and allow it to operate properly.

  • Automatic gate maintenance is not automatic

    Gate repair experts say that you either pay for maintenance service or do regular inspections and cleaning on your gate and gate opener to prevent or quickly address problems. Automatic gate troubleshooting or repair is never automatic. You have to do your part especially in ensuring that your commercial or residential gate opener is always in optimum working condition.

  • Photoelectric sensors

    Photoelectric sensor is a security device that detects the presence of obstruction by using infrared beams while your automatic gate is in motion. Installing these sensors to your gate security system may be a bit difficult, so feel free to reach one of our technicians to assist you.

  • Avoid DIY Repairs

    DIY repairs sound cheaper and more practical. However, without proper training on how to handle gate openers, a short-term easy DIY repair could mean greater problems in the long run. Our specialists are well trained when it comes to repairing gates and openers and they strongly discourage DIY, knowing its negative implications.

  • Why phone enter systems are useful?

    These systems are usually installed in large properties with big apartment buildings for the easy communication of the visitor with the homeowner. Also, it offers easy access to the residents, by using personal passwords. The good thing about a phone enter system is that it can facilitate the safe access of multiple residents. Their capacities may range from a few hundred tenants up to over 10,000 residents and that would give full autonomy and safety to each one of them.

  • Get modern gate openers

    It is good to install residential gate openers, which will protect you and provide great security and convenience. Make sure the opener embodies a reverse mechanism, which will stop the movement of the gate if there is an obstacle in the way, a good gate clicker and a timer to ensure that the gate will close behind you even if you forget to do so.

  • Get gates you can afford

    When your budget is limited, you should care less whether you'll get ornamental iron gates and focus on spending your money wisely on strong gates. Ornamental ones will be more expensive and it's better to invest first in your security with electric residential gate openers, durable materials and a good gate remote and think about appearance last. Home appeal matters but not as much as your security.

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