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Whether you are experienced or inexperienced with gate repair, you may still have some questions and we surely have all the answers. Learn about the advantages of rolling gates and why you should invest in automatic systems and modern electric openers.

  • What operator is recommended for high end installations?

    The answer to this question usually depends on the agreement between the gate contractor and client. However, according to our gate professionals, a great deal of high end installations makes use of underground or in-ground operators, and sliding or swing gate operators. These operators are, obviously, concealed underneath the ground mainly for aesthetic reasons.

  • Should I get a backup battery?

    It's an excellent idea especially for large apartment buildings and big families. The backup battery will not simply keep your residential gate openers going during power outage but will allow you to enter and exit the property without using any mechanism. It's good for emergencies.

  • Should I invest in electric openers?

    Definitely, electric residential gate openers will allow you to have access to your property with the click of a button. The specialists of our company in Encinitas are advocates of electric openers since they develop fast and will also ensure safety and operation from a distance.

  • Why is aluminum a good choice for automatic gates?

    Aluminum gates are very strong, rust-free and add to the aesthetics of your outdoors. They also last a long time and require little maintenance. Aluminum is also light in comparison with other materials, so the gate motor uses less force to open and close.

  • What are the benefits of having an automatic gate?

    Gates are installed for many reasons. One of these reasons is security and safety of people and objects within your premises. An automatic gate enables you to operate it without having to go near the gate so that is less risk of encountering intruders. It is also convenient and practical. You are assured that your gate closes tightly right after you leave, leaving people behind safe.

  • What are the advantages of sliding gates?

    If your main purpose for installing a gate is security, experts at Gate Repair Encinitas recommend sliding gates. They are more secure and less inclined to vehicle maneuvering. If you want elegance in appearance of your gate, sliding gates can also be customized to look elegant. These gates are chain driven and easier to operate than the swing gates. Sliding gates also does not need too much space not like swing gates.

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