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About Us - Gate Repair Encinitas

Picking a company to do maintenance and upkeep on your home is tricky. 

Not only do you need someone who can get the job done, you need a company that can work around your schedule and not take over your life with repairs and constant distractions at your residence.  That’s why you should give “Gate Repair Encinitas” a try.  We pride ourselves on our dedication to fixing your problem with quiet, quick efficiency and a minimum of fuss.

About Us - Gate Repair Encinitas

We’re also available around the clock.  Your system can break down at any time, so we’re available whenever you need us.  Our 24/7 emergency serviceis something that not many companies can offer, but we do.  Even if you contact us in the middle of the night, our friendly, helpful staff will answer the phone and we’ll have someone out to your house immediately.  A stuck gate can be something that shuts down your plans until it gets fixed, and we’re fully aware of the time-sensitive nature of such a crisis and our maintenance service is the best around.

Even if you don’t have an emergency, our company is skilled at all aspects of the industry.  Working with the best brands and most current innovations, we can design a custom system for your residential gate installation.  Merging style with functionality, we’ll design a system that fits your exact needs and specifications.  We’re aware that the outside of one’s house needs to meet certain aesthetic requirements, fitting in with the overall style of your house, and our custom installations take that into account.

Having worked in the area for many years, Gate Repair Encinitas is a company you can trust with your business.  We’ve built community relationships that endure and last.  Visit our website or check our Facebook page to learn more about us.

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