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It is the pride of “Gate Repair Encinitas” to have expert technicians on board. This is extremely important and a necessity in our job, especially since we don't only provide gate service but also garage door repairs. We also have great equipment and make sure each service van contains what technicians need in order to complete their job properly. We give great attention to every little change in the industry and get updated with novel opener systems. Consequently, you can expect wonders from our company! We don't only service both mechanisms fast; we also service them well.

Trust the garage door services of our technicians

Garage Door Repair in EncinitasIt was in our hands to create the ideal foundations at our company and we did it with the intention to service garage door systems with velocity and efficiency. We are proud to be of assistance every time you need specially trained garage door repair specialists and we can guarantee excellence.

Overhead door installation
Our technicians have special knowledge of overhead garage doors, and excel in their installation. We make sure the old door is removed properly and the new overhead door is installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and all safety rules.

Garage door cable replacement
We replace garage door cables which are either broken or damaged. In either case, customers can depend on our immediacy since garage doors won't open without the cable. We arrive fast and the replacement is done with accuracy regardless of your door's spring system.

Garage opener repair
We are proud to be experts of all openers and familiar with all Liftmaster and Genie innovations. This way, we can inform our customers about novel accessories and new operators and are here to install and maintain them. The most important thing is that our knowledge enables us to provide excellent Genie repair and we can assure you that we fix all problems with all openers. We offer 24 hour Liftmaster sensors repair.

Garage springs services
We are masters in all spring types and excel in all their services. We provide immediate broken garage door spring replacement and same day adjustment and repairs. Our work is always efficient and accurate and every spring service takes place with attention for the avoidance of property damage and assurance that our customers will be safe.

Weather seal replacement
Our technicians are at your service for the replacement of weather seals. We know how to replace and install top and side seals and give higher attention to the bottom seal as it is often damaged first.

Roll up maintenance
We maintain roll up doors thoroughly. As an overall, our maintenance service is always meticulous regardless of the type of the door. When it comes to roll-ups, we give attention to every part including the brackets, the opener, stoppers and door curtain. We lubricate it and make sure movement is done smoothly and the curtain folds and unfolds all the way.

We have the pleasure to assist you with emergency problems 24/7. You can depend on the professionalism of Gate Repair Encinitas for every need. Our technicians are excellent and very responsible repairmen who have the knowledge required for excellent repair services. You can count on our accuracy and punctuality when it comes to installation services and have peace of mind knowing that each job is carried out with great care and expertise. Contact us if you want to find out more about our services!

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